What We Offer

We help to build the strong brand with two methods, done for you or you learn to do it yourself.


One to one or group coaching to build and develop an online sales strategy for your business.

One to one or group training:
WordPress, CANVA and Instagram/Facebook training

Brand Design
Web Design
Web site and shops

HTML | WordPress | HubSpot
Shopify |SquareSpace |

What Our Clients Say

I felt stuck because I wasn't 100% clear on where my brand was going long term. AGENCE BSB was able to give me clarity that blew me away! I felt more powerful and focused than ever. They were a game changer for me. Thank you
Jamila Ougar
CEO, Globemedic
The team re-designed and create the identity of DuSaurin & Associates. They knew how to find the perfect combinatio of words, graphics and concept that were really in my heart as a business creator. AGENCE BSB will help you in an amazing way. Go ahead, with your eyes closed. The satisfaction is there. Thank you for your business!
CEO, Consultant I Expert
The BSB STRATEGY team helped me focus and understand the importance of branding, what my brand purpose is and what will move my business forward. Thank you!
Michel Lemieux
CEO, théorème

Frequently Asked Question

We will have an open call in order to understand your expectations and objectives, I will immediately send you our commercial proposal with all the details (the strategy to adopt, the objectives to achieve, the execution schedule, the pricing with the payment methods and terms)

Depending on your project, the execution schedule will be detailed with the offer. To have an approximate idea here are the average delays for each category:

Express Coaching 5 intense days.
Coaching from 4 to 12 weeks
Training from 3 hours to 3 days depending on the subject.
The service: Logo creation, 48 hours. Graphic charter 3 days. Design of business cards, 1 day. Graphic design various (flyers, brochure, labels, other) 2 working days. website, 7 working days.
*** Important note here are approximate deadlines once the client has provided the text material and images if applicable. The final deadline or execution schedule will be provided with the quote.

Yes, we are a team of designers and webmasters to work with me on your project. You will have a single point of contact who will be a designer at the beginning of your project.

LOGO ( with graphic charter), Brandbook (brand charter), Website, Facebook Cover, Instagram, LinkedIn, Ebook, checklist, Brochure and flyer in PDF all types of graphic design, I have a great team that has design skills in all its forms and for different media.

The progress of your project will be slowed down and this will affect the achievement of your objectives.

I will need you to answer all my questions so that we can choose the best option for you. Depending on the strategy adopted, I will need all of your existing promotional material. Each project is unique, that’s why it can be different, communication is very important to make the project successful.

I offer you tested and approved strategies and methods. But I can’t guarantee results, because the best marketing agency in the world can bring the customer to your door, but if your attitude or that of your employees doesn’t meet your customer’s expectations, you risk losing sales and condemning your strategy to failure.

It’s very simple, you have the choice to write me a text on WhatsApp or write me an email or simply book an appointment directly on my personal calendar.

Yes, for coaching, the payment is monthly.

For the trainings, the payment is at the registration in one time or on three (3) equal payments according to the training.

For the service, all our services are with a deposit of 60% at the start and the rest at the delivery.

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