What exactly to say to sell high yield offers

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In marketing, sales and conversion are the top priority for many brands. And sometimes the secret is finding the right word to trigger action in the buyer or user.

Five key steps to convince a client

Ask yourself about his real needs, what he is looking for:

To answer this question, you’ll need to know him very well. So listen to him. If you surf the Internet well, pay attention to his comments on social networks or on your blog, know the keywords he uses for his searches.

If your relationship is direct (e.g. traditional business), talk to them to find out why they buy your product or service, what problems or needs it satisfies, what concerns they have.

Draw a portrait of your ideal client:

It is necessary to name them, to specify their age, their profession, their hobbies, their dreams, their limits, their challenges, their lifestyle, the other products they use, the goals they want to achieve with them, etc. And write it all down: you can read it over and over again when you have to define your sales strategies.

Imagine all the questions and objections he may ask:

The best way to build a convincing message is to anticipate the client’s objections: it’s expensive, it’s complicated, I don’t have the time, I didn’t think of that. If you make the effort to imagine them, you will be able to answer them one by one and clarify your answers.

Write an effective speech in a few steps:

After describing your ideal client, their needs and their objections, it’s time to develop your most powerful argument: your marketing message. That is, the one that explains exactly who you are working for and what advantage – benefit – you can bring them.

Look at the difference between answering “I have a management company” or “I work as a manager so that small businesses can forget about administrative tasks that don’t add value to their business and focus on what really benefits them.”

In case you need to do this synthesis exercise. It’s the heart of your business. In fact, it’s your most profound reason. In the end, it will always be your strongest argument.

Integrate your marketing message into all your communication networks:

Use it on your website, in your social network bio, in business cards, in chats with customers, etc.

This way, you make sure they understand what you can do for them, you attract their curiosity and their desire to get the promise you are making.

Because the truth is, we’re all lazy to think, so don’t think someone is going to go the extra mile to dig through your work and find out what you can offer. Give it in chewed-up form and make it obvious.

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